take control of every port call with the all new CargoMate Dashboard

With 67% of container ships arriving a day late into port, billions of dollars of bunkers are wasted every year. These delays reduce the profitability of shipping companies worldwide and negatively impact our environment.

The CargoMate Dashboard offers a simple solution by giving shore-based teams the ability to view port activity in real-time and receive notifications of a potential early or delayed departure for any of their vessels. By using intelligent data, managers can optimise the vessels time in port and update key stakeholders minimising the impact of delays.

Your bespoke overview screen shows all of your vessels in any port worldwide, and the progress of their port call right down to the last loading or discharging move so you'll know instantly if there's going to be a delay.

Notifications for the entire fleet are shown in real-time, giving you a complete picture of your fleets' productivity whilst in port.

Each active port call has been broken down to show key information including the status of every milestone from gangway rigged and checked to cargo operations complete.

A timeline highlights the forecasted time of completion against the scheduled departure time, giving instant visibility of a potential delay. A ship overview shows each bay of the vessel, its loading and discharge status, location of hatch covers and completion of twist-locks and lashing.

High-value cargo such as reefers, IMDG, OOG and break bulk are also shown.

Using unique algorithms based on gantry productivity, CargoMate gives vessels an accurate forecast of cargo operations completion time which is crucial to just in time shipping and the reduction of idle time in port.

Now, for the first time, gantry productivity data can be captured digitally giving greater insight to shore-based teams and the possibility of an early departure from port.

CargoMate is the only system in the world that neutrally records berth performance. We automatically generate the same TPFREP report in the same format and as a CSV file, so you can compare reported performance against observed performance.

Key stakeholders can share additional information using the comments tab. All reports and comments for each vessel and port call are stored securely and can be reviewed at any time.

CargoMate Mobile

All of the data on your CargoMate Dashboard comes directly from your ships using the CargoMate Mobile Device.

CargoMate Mobile helps your crew:

  • Track the number of container moves remaining during cargo operations using a digital device that is always up to date
  • Log the position and status of gantries, hatch covers, gearboxes and special cargo such as reefers, breakbulk and Out-Of-Gauge cargoes
  • View each DG placard, UN numbers, container types and cell location on a fully interactive digital bayplan for enhanced crew and vessel safety
  • Notify shore-based teams of rolled containers in real-time
  • Get started immediately thanks to the devices’ intuitive interface and inbuilt offline tutorials