If we work together as one crew, we can achieve the impossible.

Voyages by ship are legally classed as adventures. Intelligent Cargo Systems is our adventure; driven by passionate problem solvers who are resilient when faced with a storm.

Intelligent Cargo Systems was created in 2017 by Chris Jones and Dennis Sandmark and backed by Entrepreneur First, one of the UK’s most successful tech accelerators.

Chris spent twelve years at sea as a second officer before co-founding Intelligent Cargo Systems with Dennis. Frustrated by the lack of data readily available to crew and the logistical problems this created, Chris taught himself to code and created CargoMate whilst at sea.

Dennis spent six years as a full-stack software engineer prior to meeting Chris. Frustrated by corporate life, Dennis wanted to create a company that valued people, expertise, ideas and challenging the status quo.

Our combined experience and ability when it comes to deploying mobile and cloud-based technology to a maritime environment is unrivalled, so you can be safe in the knowledge that no matter where you sail, we’ll be right there with you.

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